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Like any good website, Mortgage Analyzer was created based on frustration. We found lenders to be generally un-informed and more interested in sales than accurate information. We found the resources online to lack depth and coherence. We found the analytical tools to be watered down or unclear in the specific recommendation.

The final straw was when we went through the refinance process in hopes of getting rid of our mortgage insurance (PMI) but the appraisal came back too low! So we were out $800, many hours and headaches with new mortgage!

So we built a website and the most sophisticated home mortgage recommendation engine on the internet and we wanted to introduce it to you.

If you are a homeowner with mortgage insurance (PMI or MIP) or want to see if a refinance is right for you, check out our amazing free tool and content now!

p.s. Here are a few of our most popular articles:

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Welcome to Mortgage Analyzer
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