Mortgage Insurance

Welcome to Mortgage Analyzer

Like any good website, Mortgage Analyzer was created based on frustration. We found lenders to be generally un-informed and more interested in sales than accurate information. We found the resources online to lack depth and coherence. We found the analytical tools to be watered down or unclear in the specific recommendation. The final straw was […]

Mortgage Insurance as Credit Default Swaps

Most people don’t think of Mortgage Insurance such as FHA’s MI or conventional loan’s PMI when they see they see the term ‘Credit Default Swaps’ but they are more similar than you think. A credit default swap is a fancy finance term to describe insurance that covers the lender in the event that a borrower […]

Why do I have mortgage insurance?

Mortgage Insurance (MI) or Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI), is an added expense for some homebuyers who have put less than 20% down. This insurance usually add hundreds of dollars to your monthly mortgage payment on top of principle, interest, taxes, and homeowners insurance (PITI). In some cases this can stay on your home as long […]

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