A Walkthrough of the Mortgage Analyzer Tool

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A Walkthrough of the Mortgage Analyzer Tool

Welcome to the world of Mortgage Analyzer! We are focused on providing the best free education and tools for home owners. We believe that the more you know about home equity, mortgages, and rules regarding mortgage insurance (PMI, MIP); the more you will be able to save. Many homeowners are paying more than they need to in extra monthly costs and we are determined to fix that. 

We built the Mortgage Analyzer app to empower the best decisions regarding home refinancing and getting rid of mortgage insurance. The tool provides data-driven insights into home equity, mortgage insurance removal, home valuation, and actionable recommendations all based on our proprietary probabilistic analytics.   

1) Address Input

Mortgage Analyzer Address

The first step is to identify your property. 

2) Home Value

Mortgage Analyzer Home Value

Once you have input your property, select an estimate of the home’s current market value. Use the slider to indicate your level of confidence in the estimate. Mortgage Analyzer weighs the homeowner’s estimate of value while determining the range of current market values.  

3) Get Started With Analysis

Mortgage Analyzer Estimate

Mortgage Analyzer’s valuation engine will produce an initial range of home values. Click ‘Get Started’ to proceed to get more insights.

4) Mortgage Details

To get more insights, Mortgage Analyzer needs some of the details about your mortgage. Government sponsored refers to an FHA loan type. Mortgage Insurance amount should be input as your monthly payment for PMI or MIP.   


Mortgage Analyzer Data Inputs

Once all your mortgage details are in, Mortgage Analyzer’s engine will estimate your home equity range as well how much mortgage insurance/PMI has been paid since start. Continue on to Mortgage Analyzer’s proprietary dashboard for the full analysis.

5) Review Your Home Dashboard Insights Now

Mortgage Analyzer Dashboard

Welcome to your one-stop-shop for your home equity and mortgage insights and recommendations. We’ve built the most sophisticated tool on the market to do the heavy lifting of refinance and mortgage insurance analysis for you. Our engine generates specific recommendations based on a variety of data points including current loan-to-value (LTV) and current mortgage interest rates while incorporating a statistical model to help protect you from wasting time and money on costly home appraisals with lenders who don’t have your best interest in mind.  

Mortgage Analyzer Dashboard

Mortgage Analyzer’s dashboard provides best-in-class recommendations and insights. Incorporating rules for mortgage insurance removal depending on government vs conventional loan types as well as our proprietary statistical analysis, everything you need for making the most informed decision regarding your home can be found here. We can even connect you with our vetted and trusted lenders or home valuation experts.  


Mortgage Analyzer was built to help average homeowners with tough decisions. Through our own experiences losing money on failed refinances and uninformed loan salespeople, we built this tool to help educate and provide an all-in-one solution to empower the best recommendations for your unique situation. Get started with your free analysis now! 

A Walkthrough of the Mortgage Analyzer Tool
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